TecFriends Community

What is TecFriends?

TecFriends is a gaming community. But not just a simple one.
We aim for anyone who wants to have fun playing games. But, that's not all! Imagine us as a community for any internet purpose. We have designers, developers, gamers, vloggers, Let's Players.
We connect each other and have fun, plan projects and do events.
There's only one thing that connects us: Gaming!

The Details

Our community groups


All that connects us, all that counts, the most important thing: Gaming. We're all gamers at the end. If you don't play, you shouldn't consider joining TecFriends. TecFriends is ALL about video games and support for those.


Connect to other developers, plan projects and find designers for your projects. All in our community!

Let's Plays

Find players for your awesome Let's plays or do awesome projects with other Let's Players!


Find friends to stream with or build your own community inside our TecFriends community! You have all freedom you want!


Designers. We love them. In TecFriends you can connect to any other designer, exchange knowledge. Get tips. Get Feedback for your Art. Anything is possible!

The Founders


Styler2go is the initator and server administrator of this project. All that happend so far was made by him. If you ever have any question, contact him.


One could call him the "community manager". Bl4ckBiker is helping out where he can. Especially for new members he is the perfect connection within the community.


Who's that guy? Well, this is our comedian! He tries to be funny whenever he can. We didn't tell him that he's not funny yet.