Who are we?

Gaming connects

We are a community run by styler2go and Bl4ckBiker. Our initial idea started in 2012: We wanted to unite any kind of gamer. Not only gamer, we wanted to unite everyone who is playing games but has other technical skills. With the Name TecFriends we are trying to show our relation between technology and friendship. It's important for us to have a very good communicaion throughout any point in our community.

We founded TecFriends in 2012. By now we already count around 50 members all around in europe.

Milestone 1: 2014

In 2014 we started going big. We started "recruiting" and taking applies. We grew pretty fast but we had no goals for the future. We set up 'Get 50 members' as a goal!

Milestone 2: 2015/Sept.

We made it! After a long way and no big recruitment we got our 50 members! We're proud to be a small but usefull community.

Milestone 3: ????

Let's aim for the stars! We have the BIG goal to get 100 members some day!